2017-2018 Fellows Applications

Applications for the 2017-2018 Fellows Program commencing Fall 2017 have been extended. Applications must be received by DGF no later than 5:30pm on April 14, 2017. Please read all of the instructions carefully.


Applicants will be considered eligible by meeting at least one of the following qualifications:

1. Participation in a graduate program in theatrical writing within the last five years

2. Participation in an organized theatrical workshop within the last ten years

3. Comparable experience, such as one or more professional productions, and a letter of recommendation by a theater professional or theater educator

4. Pertinent, documented practical experience

Applicants meeting only requirement #3 must submit a letter of recommendation. All applicants are welcome to submit a letter of recommendation if they so choose.

All applicants must be residents of New York or the surrounding metropolitan area for the time of their fellowship.  Applicants must be prepared to meet on alternate Monday evenings of every month and to make themselves available, if possible, to participate in additional development opportunities should they arise.

For questions or assistance applying to the Fellows Program, please email applications@dgfund.org.


Please submit a cover letter answering the following: “Describe an experience in which somebody’s input on your work as a writer affected you”; a resume containing pertinent contact information for you; 20 pages of a script you have written. Please name submission as follows: PlayTitle (for example: Ruined.pdf.) Documents must be uploaded as a PDF.


If you are applying as a Musical Theater Fellow and you write music, lyrics, and libretti, you may apply alone as a “self-contained” writer.

If you are applying as a Musical Theater Fellow and you write both music and lyrics, you may apply alone as a “self-contained” writer. In this case, your librettist must be available to attend meetings with you.

Composer/lyricist/librettist teams must apply together.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept people who write only lyrics or only music or only libretti without a writing partner, as we cannot pair collaborators. The cover letter and materials submitted should make it clear whether you are applying as a self-contained writer or you and your collaborator(s) are applying as a team.

Please submit a standard cover letter; a resume containing pertinent contact information for you; mp3 files of four (4) songs with lyric sheets; a brief description of each song as to its plot placement; a brief synopsis of the musical; and the complete libretto, if one exists. No partial libretti, please. Song submissions need not be elaborately produced; piano and voice is sufficient. Please note that we can only accept music in the mp3 format. Please label individual songs as follows: MusicalTitleSong# (for example: Ragtime#1.mp3). The other documents must be uploaded as a PDF.


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Applications for the 2017-2018 Fellows Program are now closed. We are unable to accept late submissions to the Fellows Program.


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